Team Kanban Practitioner (Virtual)

You want to start quickly with Kanban. With your own team. Preferably tomorrow. The Team Kanban Practitioner is really something for you! In this one-day training, all the basic principles of Kanban are discussed and gives you tools to start with Kanban the next day. 


The Team Kanban Practitioner discusses the basic concepts of the Kanban method. The training teaches you to organize the work; improve insight, communication and collaboration. You learn to design and implement a board for a team. The training is interactive and contains exercises to clarify the material. The following topics are covered:

  • Background and origin of Kanban

  • Basic concept of the Kanban method

  • Principles of the Kanban method

  • Different types of Kanban systems and their applicability

  • Consultation in a Kanban system

  • Designing a Kanban board for your own team


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Good to know

Duration: Two days

Required prior knowledge: none

Certificate: Kanban University


Prices are exclusive of VAT and include preparation, material and aftercare. After this training you will receive a Kanban System Design certificate from Kanban University. 



The course material is in English. The training is given in Turkish or English, depending on the participants. You will receive the course material digitally afterwards. You will also receive a digital version of the Kanban 'blue book', the basis of the training. 


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