Kanban System Design (KMP-1) - Virtual

You really want to get started with Kanban. You know the basic principles of Kanban. Maybe you and your team already have a board with sticky notes. It is time for the next step. The Kanban System Design training is a good idea. This training goes deeper into the principles behind Kanban and teaches you how to start Kanban in your organization. After this training you can set up a Kanban system.


In this training we teach you how to get more out of your (part of the) organization. How you can actually complete things and get work done faster. To properly substantiate the material, we play a Kanban simulation game, among other things. We also discuss the following topics:

  • Visualizing different types of work

  • Designing a Kanban board

  • Designing Kanban tickets

  • How to handle interruptions and multi-task

  • The difference between a pull and a push system

  • Organizing work based on risks

  • How to create flow in your Kanban system

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Good to know

Duration: Four days

Required prior knowledge: none

Certificate: Kanban University


Prices are exclusive of VAT and include preparation, material and aftercare. After this training you will receive a Kanban System Design certificate from Kanban University. 



The course material is in English. The training is given in Turkish or English, depending on the participants. You will receive the course material digitally afterwards. You will also receive a digital version of the Kanban 'blue book', the basis of the training. 


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