Kanban Management Professional (KMP-2) - Virtual

Kanban is familiar territory for you. You already work with Kanban and understand terms such as Flow and Cycle Time. You want to take your team and your organization to the next (Kanban) level. That is what the Kanban Management Professional training can do for you. You will learn how you can expand Kanban across the boundaries of your team, which feedback loops you can implement and how you can make your process more effective and efficient by measuring.


You will learn how to make Kanban part of your daily practice: feedback loops, tracking and learning metrics, scaling Kanban. We discuss how you can let your Kanban system evolve, so that your organization always remains agile and flexible. Kanban concepts are further explored on the basis of a case study. The following topics are covered:

  • Limiting work in progress

  • To measure = to know; metrics and what you can learn from them

  • Understanding Kanban within a Process or Service

  • How to Implement Kanban on a Larger Scale

  • Which meetings can contribute to your Kanban system

  • Specific tasks and responsibilities in a Kanban system


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Good to know

Duration: Four days

Required prior knowledge: none

Certificate: Kanban University


Prices are exclusive of VAT and include preparation, material and aftercare. After this training you will receive a Kanban System Design certificate from Kanban University. 



The course material is in English. The training is given in Turkish or English, depending on the participants. You will receive the course material digitally afterwards. You will also receive a digital version of the Kanban 'blue book', the basis of the training. 


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